How Remarketing Can Help Your Business

Remarketing campaigns can be particularly useful for some types of business and less effective for others. The basic remarketingconcept of remarketing is simple enough. A visitor to your website is identified and you then choose to remarket to them by showing ads to them while they are visiting other websites. Where Remarketing can get a bit more complex is who do you target using this and how?

You could simply show ads to everyone who visited your website recently, to keep your company in their mind whilst they are perhaps in the decision making phase and for some businesses this may be the right strategy. For other businesses, where the decision making process is usually very quick (ie. if they don’t buy it from you they’ve probably bought it from a competitor straight away or aren’t buying at all), then this doesn’t work too well. If the purchase or enquiry is for something of substantial value and the decision to buy or enquire can typically take days or weeks, then seeing your ad a day or two later may prompt them to act and rather than going back to search and potentially finding another supplier, this may drive them straight back to your site to make the purchase.

Inclusion of an offer in remarketing can have a significant impact, so targeting people who failed to buy on their last visit with a message offering a discount code for today only offering an additional 10% off might make all the difference.

Some businesses may use remarketing to target follow on sales. So a campaign might be set up to target anyone who bought a printer through your website with consumables such as ink and paper.

Dynamic remarketing can identify what product the individual was interested in and show ads for that particular product.

In many cases we can see that remarketing ads help to cement the sale without additional cost. Where we can track online sales we may see that a visitor to your website saw your remarketing ads, didn’t click on them, but then came the client factory - remarketingback the next day directly to your site to make a purchase. The reminder of your remarketing ad may or may not have influenced the sale, but it didn’t cost anything to show them the ad as you are only paying per click not per impression.

Remarketing is implemented as part of a wider advertising campaign on platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

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