Facebook Ads - PPC, But a World Away From Adwords

We often get asked ‘What works better Facebook Ads or Adwords?’ and of course there is no universal answer. Every Facebook Ads for Businessbusiness is different and these are totally different ad platforms, which have different strengths and weaknesses. The majority of Adwords campaigns are based on Search, Facebook Ads are not. Therein lies the fundamental difference, these are two entirely different strategies.

Search marketing is Reactive. You wait for someone to search for your product or service and you make sure that when they do you are in the results. Facebook ads (and Linkedin) are not based on search they are Display ads based on demographic targeting parameters that you set. You define the target audience and you show ads to them that you believe they will be interested in. This unlike Search is a Proactive Strategy.

Whilst you don’t have the immediate proof of interest/need/desire that Search offers, you can with Facebook base targeting on what people like as well as demographics such as age, gender, location, etc. How successful your campaigns will be depends on a number of factors and one of the most important is just how interested your audience really is in exactly what you have to offer.

We ran Manchester United’s first Facebook ad campaign, targeting people who ‘like’ Man Utd with ads for their MUTV Channel. This was successful because the ads were showing to a receptive audience and many of them were passionate about their team and interested in the offer. Had we been targeting people who simply liked Football withthe client factory seo agency devon the same offer the results would not have been so good. A less targeted campaign can of course produce results, but the better fit your audience is with your message the better the results.

There are of course always exceptions, but more often than not the most successful Facebook campaigns are B2C rather than B2B (for this market Linkedin Ads are often the best starting point).

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