Micro Scooters - A Spectacular Success!

One of our favourite case studies, because it illustrates the enormous potential of Pay Per Click for a small business.

Over 11 years ago, two ladies with a great product range and big ambitions for their new business came to us for advice. They had recently launched their new website selling children’s scooters and were getting very few visitors and selling on average just 3 scooters per week through their online shop. Having only a small available budget for any online marketing activity, they nevertheless realised that the website had significant potential to produce more sales, they just needed to get the right people to visit and the quality of their products would do the rest.

We suggested that the immediate solution was a small trial PPC campaign using Google Adwords. Realising that budgets were tight, we recommended a trial of just £10 per week to get started. Eyebrows were raised as to whether that would be worthwhile and I suggested we try it and see. In the first week they sold 13 scooters rather than 3, at a cost of just £7.80 from their £10 PPC budget. Delighted with the result they asked if we could increase the budget to £20 per week. Results improved in line with spend and soon we were expanding the campaign to other search engines. Work on SEO to reduce the initial reliance on PPC followed and their campaign grew and evolved over the next few years.

Micro Scooters has since become a household name and they now spend significantly more than £10 per week. Sales generated by PPC alone are now in excess of £30 million.

To be very clear: We could not achieve this level of results for every client. Your products or services, pricing, website, etc., all play a vital part in the equation. But if all parts of the equation balance, then PPC can sometimes produce spectacular results like this.

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I have worked with Dan and the Client Factory for 11 years, on three different businesses. He took the time to understand the needs of each business, respect the budgetary constraints and explain in simple terms how he could help us achieve our objectives. Dan has saved me money, driven interest and increased the turnover of online sales of all three businesses. The Client Factory will do exactly what it says it will do…produce for you, more clients. I can not recommend him more highly!

Ben Gibson,

Micro-Scooters UK

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