YouTube Video Advertising

For some advertisers with a product or service that suits a video ad and with a target audience that frequents YouTube, this can be a very attractive and cost effective route to market. YouTube is the second largest search engine advertising on youtube - the client factory devonafter Google and has over a billion users. You can use demographic data to segment your target audience according to age, gender, location, interests, etc.

Whilst this is technically not PPC (a click is not always required) it is similar in that you are paying for engagement (a view of your video) or an interaction. The danger here is that failing to skip the ad does not necessarily mean they are really interested in your ad they may be doing something else and just let the ad run.

YouTube video ads can be run from within an Adwords account and different types of ads are available along with different placement options. You can choose to show ads to people searching for specific topics or before a specific video, like a TV commercial.

TrueView in-stream ads puts your video in front of your target audience before they watch another video.

TrueView discovery ads appear on the YouTube home page or when someone searches for a topic you are targeting.

Bumper ads are shorter ads, lasting only 6 seconds and are well suited to use with smartphones.

Whichever ads you choose, it is important to have a clear goal and create your ads accordingly. If you are targeting sales or enquiries, you will probably want to drive viewers to your website as the next step in the process. If you are running a campaign for brand awareness, you may want to drive them to your YouTube channel in an effort to increase video views, subscribers and shares.

The Video

Whilst a professionally shot and produced video can have amazing results, it is possible to create useable, effective video without breaking the bank. You Tube provides some helpful tips for you, just click here to read them.


Once you have your video you can get started and like Adwords, it is possible to start with a relatively small budget to dip a toe in the water and see if this is a cost effective way of advertising for your business. Our advice is always to start with a small budget and simply increase spend if it is working.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve results can be trackable so it can be quick and easy to identify if your trial campaign is working for you. You are not locked into any fixed amount of spend for a fixed period as you are with some forms of advertising, budgets can be changed in minutes and are completely in your control.

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