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Not all our work is for businesses out to make a profit. Google have a scheme for charities called Google Grants. Any UK Registered Charity can apply and if approved they receive a grant in Adwords spend of up to $300 per day (Google allocate the grant in USD).

We have helped a number of charities to apply for this, set up the Google Adwords campaign that the grant funds if the application is successful and manage the campaign at a nominal cost that is far outweighed by the value of the grant.

As an example of what is possible, we created a Google Grant funded campaign for SPARKS, a national charity that funds research into medical conditions affecting babies and children. Over a 5 year period the campaign showed over 11,000,000 ads for SPARKS on Google, resulting in around 110,000 visitors to their website. To generate this level of traffic/interest in their charity would have cost them over $140,000 (Google grants report in dollars) if they had been paying for this exposure themselves rather than through their Google Grant. It wasn’t possible to track the amount that this generated for SPARKS, but given that many visitors to their website were looking to take part in events such as the London Marathon or a London to Paris bike ride, etc and the average raised in sponsorship for such events is often thousands of pounds rather than hundreds, a conversion rate of 1 in 100 may easily have generated a seven figure return for the charity.

We charge a nominal one-off fee of £250 + VAT to help Charities submit the application and create the necessary Google Adwords campaign, which would only be payable if the Charity is accepted for the Grant. Ongoing Management and reporting is at our reduced Charities rate and can be as little as £50 per month (depending on the size and scope of the campaign).

We are also happy to take on management of existing Google Grant campaigns, or discuss new non-grant funded campaigns on Google and other platforms, which can still be a cost effective way of generating new supporters and raising funds for your charity. To discuss this in more detail, please click the button below…

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I had the good fortune to work with The Client Factory during my time as Director of Fundraising at Sparks. With Dan’s help we were able to drive targeted, valuable views to our website. The results were incredible! I’d recommend him to anyone looking to increase their web traffic.

Colleen La Fontaine,


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