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Advertising on Linkedin is usually most valuable for B2B advertisers and whilst there are always exceptions, as a general rule of thumb Facebook ads are more effective for B2C campaigns. What makes this true is the information that these different platforms have about their members. Linkedin members provide more data about their business, their position within the business, their number of employees, etc than the average Facebook member would. Making it easier to define your target audience by business sector, job title, size of company, etc.

This is important because Linkedin ads are audience rather than search driven. You create campaigns to target one or more audiences with a specific message/offer. The success of such a campaign will be proportionate to the strength/attractiveness of the offer and it’s relevance to the target audience.

What you can spend on a campaign will depend on the size of your target audience and how many other businesses are fighting to reach the same people and what they are prepared to pay to get in front of them. Of course most people will fit into lots of different target audiences, so for any given individual in your audience, other people want that ad space for different reasons, not just your competitors. Spend also depends on the clickthrough rate you achieve, so the more successful your campaign, the more you may spend. It is therefore important to measure conversion of this into sales/clients to ensure spend is worthwhile.

One of the big advantages of this type of audience led campaign is that it is proactive, you’re not waiting for them to search for your product or service and therefore this is particularly useful in situations where search marketing won’t work well. For example, you’ve created a new product that few people are yet aware of and therefore no one isthe client factory seo agency devonsearching for it. Or there has been a change in legislation affecting an industry sector and creating an opportunity for your business, some people aren’t aware of it yet and you want to proactively reach them with a message.

How to get started? Contact us to discuss your target audience and we can help you create a trial campaign with a limited budget to see if Linkedin ads are an effective route to market for your business. Call us on 0845 4310367 or email

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