Our Strategic Partners

We’ve established strategic partnerships with a number of web designers and business advisors whose service to clients includes advice on business growth, sales and marketing and we’re looking for more.

We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate that we can help your clients to monetise the investment in their website.

Many of the web designers we work with already offer SEO services, but most do not currently offer PPC management, or advice on Social Media Marketing. We can complement existing services and help extend them into a more comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Most often, we get involved when a website has perhaps gone some way down the road with SEO, but is not producing new business either fast enough, or in sufficient quantities for the client to be happy. As a short term solution, PPC can be highly effective and the analytics data gathered from successful conversions can help to more accurately determine the focus for the longer term SEO strategy.

In most cases there will be some gaps that PPC can fill, so the balance of an internet marketing campaign may shift over time, with the emphasis typically being on PPC in the earlier stages and SEO in the latter.

Social Media as the new kid on the block is a valuable new tool and encompasses many different opportunities across different platforms. How effective these will be varies hugely from client to client according to their target audience. There are some fantastic opportunities here for the right businesses and also the ability to waste a fortune on very poor returns. We can advise on strategy in this market.

All our services can be pitched at a level that suits your client’s budget and we’ve worked with all sizes of clients, from one man bands to one of the UK’s top Premiership football clubs and several of the UK’s best known race courses.

We’re happy to offer an initial report and proposal at no cost and this alone can be seen as additional value for your clients. If you have clients that may benefit from our services, please click the button below to contact us…

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