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Domain Selection

If you have a new business idea, selecting the right domain name is vital. Ideally, the website should mirror the trading name to avoid confusion and of course there are many other considerations offline when choosing a trading name, but we’ll confine our comments to those which affect your online activity.

The first and most obvious is that the domain name needs to be available and ideally you want to secure both the and .com versions (though some types of business may find .net or .org more appropriate. If there is any likelihood that you will want to expand to other countries, then securing the appropriate domains at the outset would be sensible, including perhaps .eu.

Personally I find the continued roll out of new domain extensions ridiculous. The idea that we need a .biz extension and a .co is absurd. It either encourages multiple owners of the same name with different extensions, which is confusing for the consumer and unfair on the original domain owner, or it forces domain owners to purchase more redundant domain extensions in order to ensure that doesn’t happen.

From an SEO perspective, choosing a name which includes key search words is ideal, as this will positively affect your SEO results. Counter balance this against the urge to come up with a short url. Remember that at the stage when people are unaware of your business they are finding you through search or links and are not typing in your url. Once they have visited your site, their cookies may remember your url for future visits or they may have bookmarked it, so typing in a longer url is often not that much of a consideration and likely to apply more to people who have already visited the website and want to return (and are therefore likely to make the effort).

If you can’t choose a name that easily describes what you do or sell, the next best option is to select one that will appeal to or intrigue your target audience. Hopefully "The Client Factory" whilst not telling people how we do it, conveys the message that we produce clients for people and will stimulate interest from any business that wants new clients.

Of the available space, either in the natural results on search engines, or in pay-per-click, the domain name takes up a significant amount of space. If it conveys a message on it’s own, then you have a little more space to get the rest of your message over.

Website Specification

We’re not web designers, nor are we graphic designers, but we do understand online marketing and the process of both getting visitors to a website, where best to deliver them and how vital it is to enable a smooth and natural (and ideally short) journey from their to whatever your goal for the visitor is.

Time after time, we find that a knowledge of online marketing is the missing link in many otherwise excellent websites. The client often assumes that this is something the web designer will address. In some larger agencies, this will certainly be the case, where they have an in house marketing department, in most it will not. We work with a number of web designers to ensure this vital part of the equation is addressed at the outset, not as an afterthought or additional cost later and we’d be delighted to work with your web designers if appropriate.


Depending on the nature of your business, a website may be essential, nice to have or unnecessary. For most businesses, in a world where people are spending more of both business and social time online, it will have a vital part to play in your business model. But what can you really expect from it? If you’re at the early stages of starting your new business, you’ll want to know what the demand is likely to be for your product or service. Of course if you’ve developed something totally unique that has no competition, it may be a lot more difficult to answer that question.

We can help you in this area by analysing search patterns for similar products or services and identifying the size of target audiences on Social Media sites such as Facebook if it is a B2C proposition or Linkedin if it is B2B.


The next step, having determined the online potential for your new business is to budget for reaching that audience. Especially for those businesses raising finance, this is a vital part of your business plan that needs careful consideration.

We are delighted to work with start-ups and can help create this section of your business plan. Many new businesses make the huge mistake of budgeting for a website but not for the marketing necessary to drive potential clients to their new site. Often the site build will include an element of SEO and people assume that will be sufficient. It rarely is. SEO is a medium to long term strategy and will rarely produce effective short term results. Most start-ups, if depending on their websites for revenue generation, will not have the luxury of being able to wait months for SEO to deliver results. They will need traffic to the site and a return on their investment as quickly as possible.

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