When should you start your SEO?

Most people would say when the website is being built and there are certainly some aspects of SEO (such as the format of the site itself) that need to be addressed at the outset. However, the keyword strategy behind your SEO should not be implemented too early. Given that the number of keywords you can effectively optimise any page of your website for is limited to some degree, getting the keyword strategy right is vital. If this is done when the site is being built, what are you basing that strategy on? In most cases, the keywords you think are most important and perhaps stats from a keyword tool to tell you which terms have the highest search volume. That's not the way to determine the most effective keywords for your business. That can only be achieved by driving traffic from all likely keywords to your website, tracking and analysing the results and determining which keywords produce sales/enquiries, rather than volume traffic. Luckily, this can be done using PPC almost instantly, giving you a solid basis for longer term SEO. The other reason to delay major commitment to SEO until you have trialled with PPC is equally important. Until you have driven traffic to your site in sufficient numbers, you don't know if your website is capable of turning visitors into business. Harsh as it may sound, until you have proved you can do that, embarking on a long term SEO strategy is a bit of a waste of budget.

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