Why use SEO?

The holy grail for most businesses in terms of online presence is the number one slot in the natural results on Google for the search terms that are most relevent to their business. Very few are able to achieve this, but for those that can, the rewards can be huge. Having achieved an acceptable result on the natural (as opposed to 'paid') search res, the traffic to to your website is free. Of course it isn't free, the work to get you there may have cost thousands of pounds and the chances are that if you stop that process once you reach the top, others will overtake you. So the expense is likely to continue, you are just paying for it in a different way to the alternative PPC.

Many would argue that there is more value in a high natural presence than a paid listing, as people pay more attention to these. In some cases SEO will be more cost effective than PPC in the longer term (though not always) and it should always form part of your long term strategy if results justify the cost.

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