Will PPC work for my business?

Does PPC work for every business? No, of course not, in the same way that not every business can effectively monetise advertising on TV, radio, roadside or print. Success will depend on a number of factors, some of which are within the control of whoever is running the campaign for you, such as choosing the right keywords and finding an acceptable level of cost per click that allows you to make a profit. Other factors, such as how competitively priced your products or services are, what demand there is for them and how well you handle enquiries and convert them to business, all contribute to how well you convert visitors to your website into sales and monetise the interest your PPC campaign generates for you.

It’s difficult in most cases to say with any certainty how well a campaign will work for any business as there are too many variables unique to each business to generalise. For that reason our advice is always to start with a trial campaign to establish as quickly and economically as possible if PPC will be a cost-effective way of producing new business.

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