How much does PPC cost?

Impossible to answer that here. Campaigns are different for every client. The amount of work in creating a campaign depends partly on the number of different keywords that could be producing business for you. The spend per click depends on the market price as determined by competition and the number of clicks you pay for depends on the demand for your products or services and the success of your message in attracting your audience to click on your ad.

The cost elements are the set up of the campaign (which will vary according to the complexity of your business/target market), management of the campaign over a trial period (in most cases we recommend 4 weeks) and the budget for clicks which you pay to Google (assuming the trial is on Adwords, which is the usual starting point). Campaigns can be tailored to suit available budget and one of our most successful clients started a trial 5 years ago with a budget of just £10 per week.

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