Where should I advertise, which PPC platforms should I use?

All PPC is not the same. Some relates to search marketing and some to advertising platforms where there is no search involved. So the first step in determining a PPC strategy is to look at the type of business, the products or services it sells and it’s target audience. These factors will help determine which PPC platforms will be most effective for the business and we would look at all these factors before recommending which platforms might work best for a particular business.

For ‘search’ related platforms, the largest audience is currently the Google network. Market share of search is constantly changing, but it’s safe to say Google is currently market leader in UK search, with around 90% of searches taking place either on Google or one of its search partners.

The two main competitors (or other routes to market) are Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft), which are currently in the process of combining their PPC platforms into one system in an attempt to win more advertising market share. Search marketing can be effective for both B2C and B2B campaigns.

Social Media PPC platforms such as Linkedin work best for B2B campaigns, whilst Facebook is usually better suited to B2C, though there are always exceptions.

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