Case study 2 – An Existing Campaign

As often happens, we were asked by a web designer we work with to look at one of their client’s Google Adwords campaigns. The campaign had been running for some time, the client was very happy with the business it was producing for them and comfortable that the ROI was acceptable for the monthly spend (which was around £2,000 per month). Initially they couldn’t see the value in appointing someone external to manage their campaign, but on the basis of the web designers recommendation, allowed us to take a look at the campaign and make some recommendations.

Using analytics to determine where their budget was really being spent and what was producing sales, we were able to prove that they were wasting around £400 per month on clicks that were almost certainly a waste of budget. We quickly eliminated this wastage with the introduction of selected negative keywords.

Having saved them £400 per month, agreeing to ongoing management costing less than that was really a very easy decision for them. We were then able to start working on positive improvements to the campaign, such as improving campaign structure and keyword to ad relevance.

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